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When starting a blog, it is important to pick a correct platform to facilitate the blog's growth.

Download your copy of a modern blogging solution and follow the steps to install it.

Own your blog and all the data. The platform is so flexible that you can integrate it with an e-commerce shop, turn it into a news website, or make whatever changes you want.

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⚠️ Don't risk building your blog with a website builder whose customers complain they struggle to get organic traffic.

✅ Modern blogging is a cutting-edge platform for bloggers to easily publish content with all the features of WordPress, modern technologies, and best practices. Plus, No vendor or hosting provider lock-in!

✅ Have an incredibly fast and secure blog, perfect for tons of traffic from day one. You don't need to think about migrations when your blog will grow.

Modern Blogging platformWordPress
SEO friendly Hosting✅ Free💰 Acceptable speed usually starts (with CDN support) from $30/month
Native SEO✅ Yes. SEO is a first priority❌ You need to find an SEO optimized theme.
Yoast SEO Plugin✅ Included❌ Needs to be installed
Fast✅ Yes. Blazingly fast❌ No
Secure✅ Yes❌ No
Modern technology✅ Yes❌ No
Technical SEO✅ Done💰 $1.000+ to implement and fix found issues

I have a website. Do I need a blog?

If you have a website but don't have a blog, consider creating one.

This is a quote from Google. They know the web better than anyone of us know. If they suggest you have a blog, you need to think about it.

Whether you have a sales funnel, marketing website, company website, portfolio website, or e-commerce website, one of the best ways to bring organic traffic to your website is through blogs.

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